Digital Classroom

We have digital classrooms for better concept understanding.

Expert Instructors

Our teachers are expert in their respective subjects.

Test Series

Quarterly, half-yearly & session end mock (sample) Test.


Learn from Patna’s Best and Most Experienced Faculty

GV JEE-NEET is the best JEE and NEET preparation coaching in Bazar Samiti, Patna. Every student is our top priority. To provide the best education, we have various Classroom Courses available in Patna for JEE and NEET. These courses include a thorough learning process targeting schools as well as competitive exams.

Curious to know what makes us unique?

  • 16+ Year of legacy in JEE/NEET Coaching
  • Doubt solving facilities with quick response time
  • Regular Communication with Parents & Students
  • Personal Mentor for Guidance & Counselling
  • Provide Online and Offline Batches
  • Well Researched & Comprehensive Study Material
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    Why Choose GV JEE-NEET

    GV JEE-NEE ensures to provide quality education for the optimum results and success of students, so far, we have acquired remarkable selection ratios in competitive exams.

    Expert Faculty

    GV JEE-NEET boasts a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable faculty members who have a strong background in their respective subjects. The faculty members are skilled in teaching and mentoring students, helping them understand complex concepts and excel in their exams.

    Comprehensive Curriculum

    The coaching institute provides well-structured and comprehensive study material that covers the entire syllabus of the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) and NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). The study material is regularly updated to align with the latest exam patterns and requirements.

    Rigorous Coaching Methodology

    GV JEE-NEET follows a rigorous coaching methodology that focuses on developing a strong foundation in the fundamental concepts of each subject. The coaching includes regular classroom sessions, problem-solving exercises, and doubt-clearing sessions, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the exams.

    Individual Attention

    The institute believes in providing individual attention to each student. They maintain small batch sizes to facilitate better interaction between students and faculty. This allows for personalized guidance, enabling students to clarify their doubts.

    Performance Tracking

    GV JEE-NEET emphasizes regular assessments and performance tracking to gauge the progress of students. They conduct periodic mock tests and provide detailed analysis reports to identify strengths and weaknesses, enabling students to focus on areas that require improvement.

    Competitive Environment

    The coaching institute creates a competitive environment that motivates students to push their boundaries and excel in their exams. Interactions with peers who share the same aspirations can foster healthy competition and encourage students to strive for better results.

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